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    1. 汽車萬向節球籠介紹

    2. 發布日期:2017-01-12
    3. 摘要:外球籠的外殼材料由55號優質鋼材制作而成,經過我司鍛造工廠高溫熱鍛而成,及多道精加工和嚴格的檢驗程序,品質合格后才被運行銷售給各區域的客戶。
      為最大化控制我司產品的品質,我們從毛坯源頭開始,實行自己鍛打車間生產,毛坯鍛件在先進機床上進行精加工處理,熱處理滲碳等工序加強了球籠的硬度,增加了耐性, 從而延長了產品的使用壽命。 
      我們的產品適用于來自世界各大主要汽車生產商的各種車型。 目前已經研發3500款以上球籠。歡迎詢價!

      Outer joint brief introduction:
      The materials of the bearing of our outer joint is made of #55 superb steel , forged by our own factory with high-temp hot-forge, together with several precise manufacture and strict inspection process. Only after it is been tested qualified will it be delivered and distributed to our clientele from different countries and regions all over the world. In order to perform our QC to our best, we built our own forging factory so the quality control begins at the very first origin. All the work blank was precisely processed on the advanced machines. Procedures including Carburized heat treatment increases the hardness of the bell, enhances the reliability & durability, thus lengthens its life time. Our products can be applied for a wide range of vehicles made by those major manufacturers from all over the world. We have up to 3500 models of CV Joint available on the shelf for now. Welcome all to order!




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